Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Are you a label ho?

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Are you a slave to fashion? Do you only buy name-brand clothing and other items? Then you may be a label ho. My very materialistic friend brought me to post this topic. She is a label ho. She only buys her panties and bras from Vickies (she has b cups, I have to pay xtra for my DDs), she refuses to shop @ stores like a.j. wright and t.j. maxx, marshalls (if they have stores like that in your area) she said their clothes are cheap and cheesy. I found the exact same RocaWear dress there for 20.00 while she paid almost 70.00 for it. Who was smarter? Now don't get me wrong, I love the hottest shit like the next, but I refuse to live beyond my means to get it.

Me, personally, I have outgrown some label stuff and I haven't. I am 5'10, so I CANNOT wear cheap jeans. I have to get them in tall. So I like to shop @ express, other labeled jeans I can find @ my local Marshall's. I like to shop @ those stores not because I am a cheap bitch, but I am a SMART bitch. I would like to look cute and have money left over to keep my lights and gas on. The reason for this is because I have a 5 year old daughter, who I let outshine me on the clothes tip, because she is my offspring and she represents me. I refuse to buy her light up sneakers. I just can't do it. Me and her dad always buy her Nikes or Reeboks. I know, it's kind of contradictory, but I just can't put my child in light up Hannah Montana sneakers with the velcro, I just can't. That's my inner label ho coming out. I confess.

Now, where we go wrong is, buying name brand shit and then being BROKE. That's so great that you bought that Dooney from Macy's on sale for 175. Fab. Now the fact that was your last, and now you have no groceries for 2 weeks, and you have no gas money, and you're at MY door 2 days later, asking me to hold 20.00 so you can get a box of perm and pay for your son's field trip? WITH the Dooney dangling from the crook of your elbow?

See, it's ok to splurge when you have your priorities are in order, when you have taken care of the things in your house and you have some duckets left over.

Now, don't think I'm a cheap bitch, there ARE some few things that I refuse to buy the off-brand kind of:

feminine hygeine products-I need Tampax, Playtex, Always, or Stayfree. No compromise on that. Ever. Degree. Secret. no "Lady's choice". hell no.

hot sauce-there are a lot of imitators out ther but there is niothing like Frank's Hot Sauce, made right here in Buffalo, NY. Won't budge on that either.

What are some things you refuse to compromise on?


  1. I use to be a label hore when I was younger but now, like you I just shop smart... I'm too sexy for a label! lol but seriously *blink blink

  2. I have never been a label, Brands mean nothing to me. It doesn't matter who made it to me, it matters how good it looks on me and how much of my life savings i have to dedicate to it!!! Label are for those young kids who think that it will define them!!!