Thursday, June 18, 2009

You Need to Get Your Ass Whooped by a Real Man!!!

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Let's make a list of The kind of men who need to get their ass whooped by a real man.

1. Men who abuse women and children in any type of way-that means any thing ending in -ally.

2. Men who get into powerfrul positions and lose control.

3. Men who are on the DL and not keeping it straight with wifey.

4. Men who cheat on their significant other and couldn't at least use protection.

5. Men who lie about dumb shit.

6. Men who answer questions with questions.

7. Men who think they are so fine and think they are God's gift to women. And they're not all that.

8. Men who think women are beneath them.

9. Men who are predjudice against another race in the 21st century.

10. Men who scheme to get richer (yeah you white collar Enron Bernie Madoff muthafuckas, I'm talking to you )

11. Men who are crooked in politics (wait-isn't that almost EVERY politician?!)

12. Men who take care of their wives then leave them with nothing (I know, it's her fault for putting herself in that position, but we all seen Diary of a Mad Black Woman, ya'll know that wasn't right)

Can anyone else add to the list? By the time we're done, that may be ALL refuse to believe all men are bad...

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