Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why are you so damn thristy?

Afternoon all,

Today, we will examine the "thirsty" woman. My definition of a "thirsty" woman is a woman who may or may not dress very provocatively, but who likes to hang around the clubs and act completely out her charcter in front of a man to get some attention. Now, don't be fooled, girls, thirsty ass women pop up EVERWHERE. You see them at work, you see them in the stores trying to get YOUR man's attention, walking up a busy street in the summertime in the hood switching harder than your gay friend Charlie.

And since the summer is here, shit, it's been getting MUCH worse...

Have you seen, met, or have BEEN one before? You prolly could answer yes to at least one of these questions....

I'm going to step out the box and say yes to all three. Here's my testimonial (lol). I was a thirsty woman at one time. Not with everybody, but this one guy in particular. I was feeling him so, he was so damn sexy, tall, real deep voice, I was like I HAVE to have him I just have to. I just wanted to get his attention, but I soon realized I didn't have to dress sexy or constantly stay in his face for him to like me. I found out that most, if not all men, will like you better when you pay them no mind like you don't like them. So I cut that thirsty shit out. Then I met my fiancee. When we had our first conversation on the phone, he said, "I didn't even know you were attracted to me. You didn't pay me any mind, which is why I was attracted to you.Women usually try to talk to me, I never pressed a chick like this." A-HA!

In conclusion, you can catch more men when you pay them zero attention. I find that when you chase down a male, he is not as interested as he would be chasing you. And as for you women who had it right form the start- (I'm sure you'll be commenting that you have) congrats, try to spread the word among the younger females, and try to save them some of the heartache.


  1. yeah niggas hate being ignored.. love this post

  2. I can say I was a thirsty (girl) Because when I was doing crazy stuff to get guys attention I was like 16-18yrs old (Yeah I know). Walking in the club with sheer DKNY shirts a bra and short shorts-I looked like a call girl now that I think back.
    Now-I'm married so I'm not noticing anybody. And Voilia! All the men are looking my way-I just say thank you for the compliment and say I'm married-then walk away.

  3. Thats exactly what it says in my new handbook. Why men love bitches. If you chase something it runs away...

    I call these types of women hungry!