Thursday, June 18, 2009


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This post is dedicated to our best friend and worst enemy-WEAVE.

Some women like weave, and wear it to achieve the style they were going for, others can't be seen without it, and others should have never paid anybody to do them like that. The two pics up top is what I like to call "a bad weave move"

but I will pay homage to the hot weaves-
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This is the only woman in the game I have seen with her weave ON POINT at all times...and that lacefront down-your-back nonsense doesn't count. Disagree? So what, it's my blog.

I like weave and I have worn it a few times, simply to fill out a 'do , or create a look without getting a haircut. But it has damaged my hair. Some of my cousins feel like they are NAKED without weave and will not go anywhere without it except to their local beauty supply store.
I think weave is cool as long as it is done properly, and if you take it out without messing up your real hair. WHY doesn't anyone want to take care of their real hair anymore?



  1. i agree, some people weaves are jacked up but I admit I do want a weave but I want mine to be in a wrap style with curls nothin outrageous im tired of my hair getting messed up because of this hot, hot weather

  2. I like weaves too-the nice ones! LOL. The only time I had a nice one done was when I went to a professional-not my girlfriend up the street in her basement. (No offense to those who do hair in the basement)I'm saying chick had been a beautician for 15yrs and owned her own salon here in the States. (I was in Japan in her den-her new salon)But like I said she had skills.
    I've been doing my thang with wigs recently-check my profile pic.

  3. I love Mary J's make up in that picture especially her lips.

    I wear weave and have only started to do so in the last year. I was anti-weave before. But now I actually like. I'm a low maintenance girl and cant be bothered to deal with my own hair. Its natural and I have never relaxed it. Have pretty much worn extensions most of my life.
    To put it blunt I'm lazy and hate to spend hours every day trying to sort out my hair!