Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Light Skin vs. Dark Skin-WTF is the big deal???


So, during my daily sweep of websites to check on all the celeb gossip and my fellow blogspot sites on company time (heh heh), I noticed that there is still this "thing" some black people have about complexion.

On mediatakeout.com, they have a story about Omarion only dating light-skinned women. Then on necolebitchie, they got the birthday sex guy (i forgot his name) on 106 and park. He mentioned that the main chick in his video was Brazilian, apparently, he has been receiving flack about not using any "real" black women in the video, sans being "mixed" with something.

So those two articles prompted me to post this:

What is the big fucking deal? Whatever a woman's complexion is, she is still susceptible to the HIV virus. She still may not be able to cook that pepper steak and rice like you like it, and she may not know how to keep a clean home.

So, why are some people so hung up on complexion?

I am a caramel girl, golden brown like the outside of a poundcake,hence the nickname I was given. My hair is thick, when I gots a fresh perm it looks all silky, and I dye it jet black to get that shine, and im rocking a bob cut right now. I never thought I was better because I was lighter, but I have noticed that others thought I was. I remember in school the darker skin kids were called "crispy critters" and "tar babies" and shit like that. I didn't particpate, because fortunately, my mama taught me better. she said that, "Black people get all stuck on complexion and shit when we all still look like niggers to white people." So I never got into all that shit. I was there again later on in my life when my daughter's father revealed to me that he doesn't date dark-skinned chicks. He is a little lighter than me. I asked him why numerous times and I just can't get an answer out of him. But im like shit, u made a statement like that, follow up and answer why?

I have seen lots of beautiful darker-skinned women (Gabrielle Union, Kelly Rowland) and I have seen some not-so-cute light skinned women (Tiny, TI's wifey)

so, what's the big deal? can anyone enlighten me on this?


  1. Sadly this stems from the days of Slavery. Where lighter complexted women & menwere allowed certain privleges, as the years went on-many Blacks associated light-skin&"good" hair with priority. And the generations since then-some have still passed on thinking that a dark-skinned African-American is a bad thing, a dirty thing. It's sad and very ignorant that in 2009 we still going through this. Kids are commiting suicide from being called those same names of "tar baby" So what we need to do is get out there and reassure these kids coming up that they are beautiful-no matter what color or grade of hair. Sorry I wrote so much.


    you didnt write so much, i appreciate you coming on you see my posts be an arm's length long...

  3. It's sad how true Mocha's comment is... You would think that at some point people would learn to think and judge based on their own point of view and get over what masa nem did.

    I am a cocoa brown girl myself and I have never understood why anyone would think that any skin color was better than mine. I love all the shades of black people, from the ones who can pass to Seal.

    We are beautiful, it's sad that most of us don't know it. White people know, that's why they are constantly trying to achieve what we take for granted.

  4. big lips, big azz, skin color, swag...

  5. Black Beauty -Ben Arogundade

    Color Complex- Kathy Russell et al

    Dont Play in the sun- Marita Golden

    Any of these three books will school you on the issue further. All good and explore issue from different angles.

  6. Im 15 and i am often commented on my skin complexion. Most times in school, which is the worst. But most times its something like "Your pretty to be dark skinned". Its said to me all the time everywhere i go. I dont know how to reply. I just say thanks. I dont know whether its a comment or an insult. Ive always wanted to be light skinned like my mom with hazel eyes. My dad however is charcoal and just messed up everything. Luckily he gave me long hair, so even if i am dark, atleast my hair is long, and i can show it off. I like me, and i think i am very pretty. Im just dark, and light skin is whats out right now. I think we will come around soon.