Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dope Boy vs. Good Boy

So, a coworker and I recently got into a debate about what was better, the dope boy vs. the good boy.

She says the Dope Boy is better because he has more money. This is coming from a woman who is 30 plus. SMH.

I said the Good Boy is better because he has money, possibly a 401k, and will be eligible for an income tax return. The BEST part about it is that he won't go to jail for making the money.

Now, every girl LOVES a bad boy, true indeed, but are you willing to go to jail, get shot/killed, put your fam in danger for the thug love?

Now, me, I like the good boy. Now, I'm not talking about no holified-sanctified guy, he has to like to do things. There is nothing wrong with a lil Jesus though. But not a square ass dude, you know?

I used to date a dope boy, and I wasn't impressed. ok, you pay for everything, great, but I was the type who ALWAYS WORKED for mines, and wasn't waiting with my hand out for someone else to handle my shit. And NO, I'm not holding SHIT for you in my closet. No. AND I was still staying with Mom-bo at the time? She would beat me until I turned Caucasian, u hear me?

I think I outgrew it all.. I mean, I respect everybody's hustle, everyone's gotta eat, but when it affects those around you, we have a problem. Do it on the side, but have something legit too. That's just my opinion.

State your opinions, then google the story of Santra Rucker, who just loved her some dope boys..and is now serving a 390-year sentence in jail because her dope boy boyfriend set her up to take the fall...she had a full interview in F.E.D.S. magazine.

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  1. dope boys have something soo sexy about them but eventually you realize they really bring nothing to the table and u outgrow them and leave them alone..the realization {should} comes w/maturity...its fun while you're young though... smh @ the 30 year old woman though..