Friday, June 19, 2009

Daddy, Where Have You Been????

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With Father's Day approaching, I feel as if I MUST get this off my chest.

I know I am not the only woman out there with "daddy issues". I am taking this time to vent, and giving you girls the opportunity to vent about your own feelings, if your dad was absent like mine, or if your kid's dad ain't worth 2 shits, THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE... TELL EM HOW YOU FEEL!!

I know we should be over it by now, but some things will stay with you forever. I am kind of glad that my dad left, simply because it taught me to do for myself, because no man will stay around no matter what you do. Also, because he could have been molesting me or beating my ass all these years and turning me into something worse.

Then again, I think that it would have helped if he was doing right and around, he could tell me all the things about boys my mom failed to mention. This was the first man to break my heart.

It also caused me to have a lot of respect for my mother. It takes a lot to raise three kids on your own, and my mom did that and did the very best she could. While this dude ran around having more kids. Currently, I am the 6th out of ten of my dad's kids. He was in Vietnam and traveled a lot. Apparently, he dropped his semen in every city he touched.

My father and mother were married in 1980 and he disappeared from our lives forever in 1992. I was 8 years old. I didn't see his face again until 2005, I was 21. My daughter was 1. Thirteen years of feeling un-loved can do some things to you. It broke my heart, because I was "Daddy's Girl", and I couldn't understand what the hell I did wrong that he would not come see me my brother or my sister anymore. He fell victim to crack. He began to sell our things. I went up to my room one day to get my dolls out and they were gone. He sold my Barbie dolls for crack.

Growing up, I was a bad-ass. Rowdy, getting sent home from school, my mother had to come to school for me EVERY YEAR from 4th-12th grade. Sometimes more than once. I just didn't give a fuck. Surprisingly, my grades were really good, I was always on the honor and merit roll, I just had a problem with authoritative figures. If I could stop talking shit for a second I would be alright. I struggled with the concept of, well, my own father doesn't even love me, so who will? I constantly struggled with self-esteem issues when it came to men, I thought I wasn't really good enough for them, cause I wasn't even good enough for the man whose dick I rode in on.

We've talked since then. He keeps it very brief on the phone, probably because he doesn't want to explain anything. Must be embarrassing. Especially to his new family. He currently resides in his native Greensboro NC home with his "wife" and her kids. So fortunate for them.

When I saw him when I was 21, he was passing thru because he was visiting Niagara Falls. He brought his wig-wearing girlfriend with him, and I couldn't say everything I wanted to say. I never have. I think that's why I feel this way.

I do feel better about it, now, that I am older and I have vented, never really got to do that before. My mom gets too mad talking about it. My older sister refuses to discuss it. So does my younger brother.

Then I know there are so many other people out there with a story, some worse than mine. What kind of man can have children and then be ok with not seeing them for years? My daughter is gone overnight and I'm sweating. I guess he really wasn't a man.

Would anyone else like to share their story?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

You Need to Get Your Ass Whooped by a Real Man!!!

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Let's make a list of The kind of men who need to get their ass whooped by a real man.

1. Men who abuse women and children in any type of way-that means any thing ending in -ally.

2. Men who get into powerfrul positions and lose control.

3. Men who are on the DL and not keeping it straight with wifey.

4. Men who cheat on their significant other and couldn't at least use protection.

5. Men who lie about dumb shit.

6. Men who answer questions with questions.

7. Men who think they are so fine and think they are God's gift to women. And they're not all that.

8. Men who think women are beneath them.

9. Men who are predjudice against another race in the 21st century.

10. Men who scheme to get richer (yeah you white collar Enron Bernie Madoff muthafuckas, I'm talking to you )

11. Men who are crooked in politics (wait-isn't that almost EVERY politician?!)

12. Men who take care of their wives then leave them with nothing (I know, it's her fault for putting herself in that position, but we all seen Diary of a Mad Black Woman, ya'll know that wasn't right)

Can anyone else add to the list? By the time we're done, that may be ALL refuse to believe all men are bad...


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G-H-E-T-T-O!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

This post is dedicated to our best friend and worst enemy-WEAVE.

Some women like weave, and wear it to achieve the style they were going for, others can't be seen without it, and others should have never paid anybody to do them like that. The two pics up top is what I like to call "a bad weave move"

but I will pay homage to the hot weaves-
Mary Pictures, Images and Photos

This is the only woman in the game I have seen with her weave ON POINT at all times...and that lacefront down-your-back nonsense doesn't count. Disagree? So what, it's my blog.

I like weave and I have worn it a few times, simply to fill out a 'do , or create a look without getting a haircut. But it has damaged my hair. Some of my cousins feel like they are NAKED without weave and will not go anywhere without it except to their local beauty supply store.
I think weave is cool as long as it is done properly, and if you take it out without messing up your real hair. WHY doesn't anyone want to take care of their real hair anymore?


Why are you so damn thristy?

Afternoon all,

Today, we will examine the "thirsty" woman. My definition of a "thirsty" woman is a woman who may or may not dress very provocatively, but who likes to hang around the clubs and act completely out her charcter in front of a man to get some attention. Now, don't be fooled, girls, thirsty ass women pop up EVERWHERE. You see them at work, you see them in the stores trying to get YOUR man's attention, walking up a busy street in the summertime in the hood switching harder than your gay friend Charlie.

And since the summer is here, shit, it's been getting MUCH worse...

Have you seen, met, or have BEEN one before? You prolly could answer yes to at least one of these questions....

I'm going to step out the box and say yes to all three. Here's my testimonial (lol). I was a thirsty woman at one time. Not with everybody, but this one guy in particular. I was feeling him so, he was so damn sexy, tall, real deep voice, I was like I HAVE to have him I just have to. I just wanted to get his attention, but I soon realized I didn't have to dress sexy or constantly stay in his face for him to like me. I found out that most, if not all men, will like you better when you pay them no mind like you don't like them. So I cut that thirsty shit out. Then I met my fiancee. When we had our first conversation on the phone, he said, "I didn't even know you were attracted to me. You didn't pay me any mind, which is why I was attracted to you.Women usually try to talk to me, I never pressed a chick like this." A-HA!

In conclusion, you can catch more men when you pay them zero attention. I find that when you chase down a male, he is not as interested as he would be chasing you. And as for you women who had it right form the start- (I'm sure you'll be commenting that you have) congrats, try to spread the word among the younger females, and try to save them some of the heartache.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dope Boy vs. Good Boy

So, a coworker and I recently got into a debate about what was better, the dope boy vs. the good boy.

She says the Dope Boy is better because he has more money. This is coming from a woman who is 30 plus. SMH.

I said the Good Boy is better because he has money, possibly a 401k, and will be eligible for an income tax return. The BEST part about it is that he won't go to jail for making the money.

Now, every girl LOVES a bad boy, true indeed, but are you willing to go to jail, get shot/killed, put your fam in danger for the thug love?

Now, me, I like the good boy. Now, I'm not talking about no holified-sanctified guy, he has to like to do things. There is nothing wrong with a lil Jesus though. But not a square ass dude, you know?

I used to date a dope boy, and I wasn't impressed. ok, you pay for everything, great, but I was the type who ALWAYS WORKED for mines, and wasn't waiting with my hand out for someone else to handle my shit. And NO, I'm not holding SHIT for you in my closet. No. AND I was still staying with Mom-bo at the time? She would beat me until I turned Caucasian, u hear me?

I think I outgrew it all.. I mean, I respect everybody's hustle, everyone's gotta eat, but when it affects those around you, we have a problem. Do it on the side, but have something legit too. That's just my opinion.

State your opinions, then google the story of Santra Rucker, who just loved her some dope boys..and is now serving a 390-year sentence in jail because her dope boy boyfriend set her up to take the fall...she had a full interview in F.E.D.S. magazine.

I want to hear from you!!!!

I see I have a lot more people visiting my site than usual (yesssss..) I just wanted to say ((((hugs)))) for all the love you guys have shown, commenting on my lil posts...

it is now your turn to speak- anything you feel like riffing and raving about?
anything pissing you off and you need to vent?

let me know! the mic is on you, gorgeous ladies...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What is making you stay?

Hello all,

Today I will examine and take a look at why some women stay and put up with the bullshit that men dish out. I actually asked a "stayer" some questions during girl talk and I got some real serious answers.

For some reason, people feel that they can tell me anything. I don't mind, because I like to help people.

I asked Brittany*, she has been with her boyfriend for 7 years, and still hasn't gotten a change. What is making her stay, you ask? These are the answers:

RWDRT: So, Brittany, how long have you and your boyfriend been together?

B: 7 years. We have been through a lot together.

RWDRT: Can you say that there has been mostly good, bad, or both?

B: To be honest, mostly bad. But at least he's not sleeping with his baby moms anymore.

RWDRT: How can you be so sure?

B: She moved out of town.

RWDRT: Oh, ok, that was a good thing-how old are you?

B: 23. He broke my virginity and we have been together ever since.

RWDRT: And how old is boyfriend? His son?

B: Ronnie* is 24. His son is 2.

RWDRT: Ok, so the baby was concieved during your relationship with him?

B: Yes. It was a hard time for me, considering I was the main girl and she was just the bitch on the side. I knew about her, I was mad, but I was like, fuck it, if I'm the main girl, it doesn't matter what he does with just broke my heart because in the process of all that, I found that he wasn't using protection wih any of us and I caught something.

RWDRT: Can I ask what you caught? Also, you were really that cool with sharing your guy?

B: I caught chlamydia. Thank God. If I couldn't get rid of it I was really going to be tight....I was cool with it simply because I knew they didn't have nothing on me and they was never about to take my place.

RWDRT: Wow...that's an interesting outlook, may I ask what else have you been thru with this guy?

B: We fight and stuff sometimes. We fist fight. It's not all the time, so I don't see it as being harmful or serious. The last time we fought HARD Was like 2 years ago. I got a black eye. He said he will never hit me in my face again. He just hits me on my legs and my arms, I hardly ever get any bruises. The one time he slapped me in my face in front of everyone in the grocery store. We were in line too. He doesn't like it when I get smart with him. He does have a good side though. He likes to play around a lot. But only when he is in the mood. I have fought at least 5 girls behind him, and my family doesn't really talk to me anymore. They think I am crazy for letting him do what he does, but when you're in love, you're in love.

RWDRT: Brittany, if he loved you, he wouldn't be using you for a punching bag. He could seriously hurt you one day. What did your parents say when you had a black eye?

B: well, my dad is MIA and has been, my mom is always under a new fling, and she lets them do whatever to her and my sisters stopped talking to me a month ago. They are tired of hearing me cry about the same shit.

RWDRT: Ok, so what makes you stay?

B: I feel like I need him, in a way. We have been together for so long, I don't think I could move on from him, I don;t want to have to meet someone else all over again and do this.

RWDRT: So you would rather go thru what you go thru with him, instead of trying to find something better, someone who treats you better? Brittany, it sounds to me that you have a lack of self-esteem. You are young, you're not married, no kids with this dude, nothing is tying you to him. You may have passed up the love of your life going back to him over and over again. And he only does what you allow him to. He made you the main girl because he knew that you weren't strong enough to go anywhere. Not only that, he is the only person you have had sex with, this dude could have a pinky dick and you don't even know it!

B: I don't have low self esteem ok, I know I look good, I just prefer to be with him. We are going to be together forever. People just be hating.

This is when I let the conversation go. It's obvious that when love takes over, you become blind to A LOT of shit sometimes. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't teach that dumb muthafucka to drink, that's for sure.

I know I got a lot of thoughts and comments @ this one....feel free...go hard...

*names changed for privacy

Monday, June 8, 2009

What are you mad at HER for?!?!?!?!?

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I have just encountered a new situation which prompted me to post this.

A woman, er, young lady (don't want to give her more credit than she is due), recently got into a vicious argument with a close female relative of mine. She got on the phone and was talking very reckless to my cousin, disrespecting her, and telling her not to call HER man no more when HER man said he didn't have a girlfriend. She followed my relative to her workplace, challenged my relative to a physical altercation, and, unfortunately, things didn't turn out the way she wanted. My relative did her greasy and then called the police and claimed self-defense. She still has her job.

Now, had she confronted her MAN and been mad @ her MAN like she should have been, she wouldn't be missing so many patches of hair.

So, what is it? WHY do women always attack the other woman, knowing 85% of the time she does not know about you? Now, if there was an arrangement involved-like, I got a girl this is only going to be physical, NSA ( no strings attached) , and she found out, ok bitch, we got a problem, because you knew but if she didn't know, WHY are you mad @ the other girl for?

My response is jealousy. "This bitch done seen my man naked, and she done got the same attention I am getting (or used to get). I hate that bitch." This is her boo, her man, and she just found out that she wasn't the only one who she was fucking with. He's been pushing her back to rock wit the next chick. So there is automatic animosity towards her.

Thoughts, comments, stories, testimonials(lmao).... I would love to hear them...

p.s.- don't yall love how I know how to put pics on the posts now? yessssss...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Are you a label ho?

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Are you a slave to fashion? Do you only buy name-brand clothing and other items? Then you may be a label ho. My very materialistic friend brought me to post this topic. She is a label ho. She only buys her panties and bras from Vickies (she has b cups, I have to pay xtra for my DDs), she refuses to shop @ stores like a.j. wright and t.j. maxx, marshalls (if they have stores like that in your area) she said their clothes are cheap and cheesy. I found the exact same RocaWear dress there for 20.00 while she paid almost 70.00 for it. Who was smarter? Now don't get me wrong, I love the hottest shit like the next, but I refuse to live beyond my means to get it.

Me, personally, I have outgrown some label stuff and I haven't. I am 5'10, so I CANNOT wear cheap jeans. I have to get them in tall. So I like to shop @ express, other labeled jeans I can find @ my local Marshall's. I like to shop @ those stores not because I am a cheap bitch, but I am a SMART bitch. I would like to look cute and have money left over to keep my lights and gas on. The reason for this is because I have a 5 year old daughter, who I let outshine me on the clothes tip, because she is my offspring and she represents me. I refuse to buy her light up sneakers. I just can't do it. Me and her dad always buy her Nikes or Reeboks. I know, it's kind of contradictory, but I just can't put my child in light up Hannah Montana sneakers with the velcro, I just can't. That's my inner label ho coming out. I confess.

Now, where we go wrong is, buying name brand shit and then being BROKE. That's so great that you bought that Dooney from Macy's on sale for 175. Fab. Now the fact that was your last, and now you have no groceries for 2 weeks, and you have no gas money, and you're at MY door 2 days later, asking me to hold 20.00 so you can get a box of perm and pay for your son's field trip? WITH the Dooney dangling from the crook of your elbow?

See, it's ok to splurge when you have your priorities are in order, when you have taken care of the things in your house and you have some duckets left over.

Now, don't think I'm a cheap bitch, there ARE some few things that I refuse to buy the off-brand kind of:

feminine hygeine products-I need Tampax, Playtex, Always, or Stayfree. No compromise on that. Ever. Degree. Secret. no "Lady's choice". hell no.

hot sauce-there are a lot of imitators out ther but there is niothing like Frank's Hot Sauce, made right here in Buffalo, NY. Won't budge on that either.

What are some things you refuse to compromise on?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Light Skin vs. Dark Skin-WTF is the big deal???


So, during my daily sweep of websites to check on all the celeb gossip and my fellow blogspot sites on company time (heh heh), I noticed that there is still this "thing" some black people have about complexion.

On, they have a story about Omarion only dating light-skinned women. Then on necolebitchie, they got the birthday sex guy (i forgot his name) on 106 and park. He mentioned that the main chick in his video was Brazilian, apparently, he has been receiving flack about not using any "real" black women in the video, sans being "mixed" with something.

So those two articles prompted me to post this:

What is the big fucking deal? Whatever a woman's complexion is, she is still susceptible to the HIV virus. She still may not be able to cook that pepper steak and rice like you like it, and she may not know how to keep a clean home.

So, why are some people so hung up on complexion?

I am a caramel girl, golden brown like the outside of a poundcake,hence the nickname I was given. My hair is thick, when I gots a fresh perm it looks all silky, and I dye it jet black to get that shine, and im rocking a bob cut right now. I never thought I was better because I was lighter, but I have noticed that others thought I was. I remember in school the darker skin kids were called "crispy critters" and "tar babies" and shit like that. I didn't particpate, because fortunately, my mama taught me better. she said that, "Black people get all stuck on complexion and shit when we all still look like niggers to white people." So I never got into all that shit. I was there again later on in my life when my daughter's father revealed to me that he doesn't date dark-skinned chicks. He is a little lighter than me. I asked him why numerous times and I just can't get an answer out of him. But im like shit, u made a statement like that, follow up and answer why?

I have seen lots of beautiful darker-skinned women (Gabrielle Union, Kelly Rowland) and I have seen some not-so-cute light skinned women (Tiny, TI's wifey)

so, what's the big deal? can anyone enlighten me on this?

Friday, May 29, 2009


so burnt up

ok see if you could follow this story -

my cousin t and i have a mutual friend i'll call her dede. dede started woking at my job. another girl, ill call this bitch jessica, cause i hate that name, got hired w/ dede and they was hanging out on breaks or whatever.

jessica and i went to high school together TEN YEARS AGO. we was good friends as freshmen up until she couldnt keep her legs closed and when i got to know her she was an airhead. and i was tired of her borrowing MY clothes.

so since jessica started working here, i don;t speak to her. i don't fuck with her, she a hood-rat and i was never that.

i'm walking into MY job today and here comes dede and hood job jessy. she starts walking all fast. later on today, my cousin called me and told me dede was @ her house. she said that dede wanted to bust hood rat jessy in her mouth. i asked why. she said that she has been giving jessy a ride to and from work and to drop her son off in the morning. this afternoon, dede is @ jessy's house and she sees this book on her table that says do not read. dede opens the book cause something in her told her to open it.

jessy was talking shit about dede.

big shit.

so dede aint fucking with her. now this is where i come in.

earlier today jessy told dede that I, delicious golden brown Poundcake, was a LAME. dammit, if i could get a pic of me and then a pic of this bitch, i would win hands down. and i'm not tooting my horn. im speaking the muthafucking truth. she also said that she didnt want to be seen with me. if she was seen with me, it would be an upgrade for her.

not only that, but didnt we fall out like TEN YEARS AGO?????? why are you still acknowledging me?? i find her irrelevant, cause i got bills to pay and i pays NO bitch any attention. i'm 25 now. so who's the lame?

i told dede i want her number.

i called the bitch she picked up i said "oh word, bitch i'm a lame?"

she hung up very quickly.

i called her, she didnt pick up and i left her a very educational voicemail.

and this is my conclusion as to why i hate bitches. why are you still sweating me after years of us not talking? why do some women feel they HAVE to dog out a woman who is doing them, looking better, and minding they fucking business? why?

gotta love a hater.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My letter to Sandra Rose


This bitch Sandra Rose lost her muthafucking mind. I have just decided that I will NEVER visit her site again. Just click the link and find out what im talking about.

Now read the response I e-mailed to her:

Good Afternoon Sandra,

I am an avid reader of your site. I like most of your posts, not sure about your plot to destroy the Obama's image, or why you choose to hate on June Ambrose so much, but whatever, to each her own. What prompted me to write you today was your post about Black women not knowing their place. I'm not sure what planet you have come from, but most single mothers, like me, start off in a relationship with a man but further along the line they realize they cannot handle the pressure and we handle our business by ourselves. And if more Black men, men period, stepped up to the plate and took care of home instead of chasing every fat ass that walks past them.

See here, Sandra, in the real world, real black women like myself do not need a male in their household to "run things" as you put it. I would be way happier raising my child by myself rather than being submissive and naive. So that they will stay around. You must be like that in your relationship. If you have one. IF you even like men.

I am in a relationship and I am soon to be married. We share both of te responsibilities in the household and since we built this home together, we do it together. I think you have it twisted "Sandra". Black women DO NOT have a lack of respect for themselves because we don't respect Black men. BLACK MEN CAUSED US TO DISRESPECT THEM!

We are the least percentage to get married because we don't take any shit. White women and other races are willing to do and spend ANYTHING to keep their man in their place. You are dead ass wrong and you need to check yourself. Today was the LAST day I visited your site, It's full of fuckery and buffoonery and you sound like an old, out of wack spiteful no dick getting type of woman.

It's women like you who hate on other blacks and their success who make us all look bad. The people you post about don't even know you. You should lift black women up and praise them as being single mothers raising children on their own instead of cutting them down, telling them it was all their fault. No more Sandra Rose for me.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When do you think it is time to leave?? PART II

Ok, sooooo, I saw the E! THS Rap Wives, and again, I was floored. This time I was floored about Big Pun's wife. Liza Rios, God bless her, was at the hands of a maniac while the rest of the world unknowingly bopped their heads to her hubby's music. There was footage of her being PISTOL WHIPPED with a semi-automatic. In their home. On the security camera he had put in. This man was so terrible, he lost the respect of his fucking kids. His kids was straight on TV like "we were so happy when he died we got our mom back" WHAT!!!!! What kid is happy that they lost their parent? He must have been a fucking monster. And she's broke?! She doesn't have the rights to his roylties, are you fucking kidding me?! His album Yeeah Baby debuted @ #3 on the Billboard charts according to Wikipedia, certified PLATINUM, and Mrs. Rios claims to have never seen any of that money.......WOW. Him and Fat Joe were so tight, why hasn't he lent a hand? Liza couldnt even afford the lawyer to take the record execs to court, are you serious?

SO I ask again, When is it time to leave????

Who Do You Miss?

Is it me, or is music just not the same anymore? What the fuck is going on? What happened? All we can talk about now is what you got, how may girls you got hanging off ur stuff, where you been... it seems that it doesn't take much for anyone to get a deal nowadays. I compiled my list of who I miss, and I would love for you guys to add to it if you want, or make one up of your own..

I miss..
-Jodeci (crackhead bastards can't get it together)
-Aaliyah(if she was around, Beyonce who? )
-Dru Hill (my post-Jodeci fave male group of all time)
-TLC (RIP Lisa)
-DMX (before the drugs took over his life)
-The original Lil' Kim (pre-prison, plastic surgery)
-Destiny's Child (when it wasn't all about Beyonce)
-Biggie and Pac
-Patra(is she still alive???)
-The old Jay Z
-Peedi Crack(he was just fine I aint give a damn about his music)

What's Your Soundtrack?

If a movie was being made about your life, what would be the opening song on the soundtrack, the theme? I think I would pick the instrumental version to "Song Cry" by the weirdo formerly known as jay z. OR, "My Life" by Mary J Blige. That will be in rotation forever...

What's your soundtrack?

What's Your Taste?

My best cousin and I had a stone cold jam @ her sister's Grad Party over the weekend. Over numerous shots of strawberry vodka, we discussed our "tastes" in men. She has a taste for the thuggish, lil-boosie looking ass dudes that go to jail every other week and I prefer an athletic working male. Clean cut, white t, jeans, no tight ass blazers or no ne-yo/usher leather jackets and hats i can't do them. What do you prefer?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I hate my job I FUCKING HATE IT (1st rant ever)


I can't stand my pencil neck ass supervisor. I couldn't ever see him out in the store because I would point him out to my boyfriend and my dude would just duff him out right then and there. These managers at my job are so spiteful, and I sincerely think they do not like black people. Or people who do not kiss ass, so to say. I just be wanting to unplug my monitor and throw the shit right at his fucking bald spot I'm so fucking burnt.

My ideal job is to be a writer, I have some really good ideas and I think I can make a name for myself in the Urban Fiction category. I just need to get laptop so I can take it anywhere and I can jot shit down when I get an idea....does anyone know what I can do or what methods I can use to write a good book? Let me know, I think it's time for me to go into business for myself.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Top Ten Reasons That Should Make You Think You are a Jump-off

Top Ten Reasons That Should Make You Think You are a Jump-off

10. He introduces you to his friends as "his peoples"

9. When you ask him to take you to work, he asks to call you right back. And doesn't.

8. You two have been fucking for a year and you have YET to meet his moms.

7. You only chill at the crib.

8. Your dinner date is the Value Menu at Wendy's. AND he asks that you don't go over $5.00.

6. When you ask him to give you money on your phone bill, he asks to call you right back. And doesn't.

5. When you ask about a relationship, he asks you to "be patient" and you have been fucking him for over six months.

4. When his girfriend shows up at your house and is screaming for ole boy to come outside.

3. When you leave from his house and your tires are slashed.

2. When he says he lives with his mom or friends, but you never hear them in the background when he says he is at home.

AND, the #1 reason why you know you're a jumpoff when...

1. You only see him after midnight.

Does anyone have anything to add to the list??? I would LOVE to keep it going!

How do you define "frenemy"?

According to, here is the definition for frenemy. I first heard it on Sex and the City:

frenemy- The type of "friend" whose words or actions bring you down.(whether you realize it as intentional or not) The type of friend you ought to cut off but don't cuz...they're nice... good've had good times with them. U know...they're good people that you can count on to bring you down again sometime in the near future.

Well, does anyone know anybody like that? The bitch that you can shop with but you won't tell your business to or bring around your man? Yes, that bitch, she is a FRENEMY don't let her kind ways fool you, she has an ulterior motive!!! I know a bitch that was my frenemy(not worth even naming names but if she come on here I will put her on blast), I cut her ass back in 06 and have been clean two it was like our whole friendship was based on her bringing me down, while bringing herself up, making me look like something i wasn't while hiding who she really is. does that make sense? It got to the point where I couldn't even tell this bitch who came to see me last night because I was nervous that she would tell EVERYTHING in a conversation minus me, ya dig, so i cut her punk ass loose... Does anyone have a frenemy in their life? Frenemy experiences? Do share...

When do you think it is time to leave??

I was watching Gotti's Way last night and my heart bleeds for Deb. Not because she is the "woe-is-me" wife, but because she just doesnt know any fucking better. Deb, you guys have been SEPARATED for SEVEN YEARS, when did you think this mufucka was about to turn around?! And ANOTHER thing I would like to know is, did she see the last seaon tapes? She must not have when Irv said, "she's not that special for me to stop fucking" there was your neon sign right there Deb.

And i know, i know, the good for the kids, but mama's gotta have a life too. And I know, when ur married you make those vows before God and you have to try to do everything in your power to make it work, but when one side of the fence is only holding up, and the other side isn't willing, time to knock that fucking fence down.

Tell, me , if you were in Deb's position, what would YOU do?? How long would you stick around?

When do you think it is time to leave??

Saturday, May 9, 2009

All my mommas, grammas,moms to be, stepmoms, and dads taking the mom role...

Happy Mothers Day!!!!!

Good moms and role models are few and far-between these days. If you are a good mom and you know it , pat urself on the back. If you are a single mom, pat yourself on the back with both hands, because you're doing both jobs. If you are a single dad and taking your daughter to buy pads and tampons and shit, pat yourself on the back and get a lady friend to go with you so you know what to get. lol.

you other moms, the ones who stick your kids with family or babysitters all the times because you want to rip and run the IN the street in front of the next moving vehicle.

you moms that put your man over your kid(s), punch yourself in the mouth harder than your man did last night.

you moms that let your kids run around looking like you adopted them from Bay Bay, but u fly as hell, go outside for the next two days with YOUR face dirty, stains all over YOUR clothes, snot runnin out YOUR nose, wear a dirty diaper on YOUR ass for more than the normal time, don't do your hair, and run around like you have no home training so you can feel you poor child's pain. Sorry ass bitch.

Have we lost ALL our dignity???

With the two recent inductees of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee (Rihanna, Cassie) and their posting of their naked bodies all over the net, it poses a question to ask all of you-is this what we (women) have become? Donna Summer and Chaka Khan didn't need naked photos to sell albums, what the fuck is going on?

Since when did everybody that has a computer can see you butt ass naked become the thing to do? Leaving something to the imagination must be out this year. And how many times do we have to say that if you put it on film, don't expect for just you to see it! And Cassie, she got her twat ALL exposed for everybody to see, like, what the fuck, if that pic had a caption, it should say "Cassie's first pap-smear". SMH. Both their parents must be so proud. And lil Chris Brown with her draws on his head ? No fukking comment. What is going on???

Why do women NOT get along???

Yesterday, I was kicking it with my cousin over a blunt, and we were reminiscing about the days when our crew was 11 bitches deep and how we fell out with ALL of them... and it brought me to ask you all this question, WHY do women not get along? Are we just that jealous and catty in nature, that, we cannot seem to get along in large droves ? Why is that?

I know from the experience I have went thru, it was usually over a boy. Or the bitch being fake as hell in general. Women, WHY do we hate each other so?? Why do we surround ourself with someone who we barely care for just to get in their brain get in their business and destroy their life? Are we more dangerous then men??


Hey , ladies, looks like you've stumbled upon my site, bear with me, I have a lot of work to do, this blogging shit is new to me but I thought it was something fun to do. I hope we all have a good time here, wanna help me add to the site, email me, or send me a comment, trolls, beware, I will shut your punk ass down before you can say "post comment". Think it's a game.